Jac Lewis

Jac was loved by all who knew him.  All the messages received by the family and tributes that have been posted on social media has been testament to that. 

We all have so many happy memories of Jac.  We were fortunate as a family to have shared many special times over the years with Jac, from spending time at home in the community, skiing holidays, cruises, to swimming with the dolphins.

Our extended family and friends came to love Jac – he was a genuine nice boy who was always respectful, polite and well mannered. They were happy times for all of us and for Jac.

Though there were times, when we all had to sit Jac down and try and calm his excitability – I think you all know what I’m trying to say.

Familiar phrases would be ‘Jac has lost his wallet’ ‘have you seen Jac’s phone?’ ‘It’s not Jac’s fault’… It was never Jac’s fault…

“At home amongst his family and friends was when he was at his happiest”

A story:

“The first time I really met Jac was on an FA Cup Final day.  All us football boys went to Tenby for the day.

Jac came on the bus dressed in a space suit, from that moment I figured we were about to embark on an interesting journey – Jac didn’t disappoint! It has been a roller coaster.”

Jac was a hard working boy, he was a qualified carpenter, completed his apprenticeship with his dad Jessie.

At home amongst his family and friends was when he was at his happiest.

When Jac announced he was going to New Zealand for 6 months, we had a bet that he wouldn’t last 2 months.

Low and behold who walked through the door on New Year’s Eve surprising everyone having worked only 8 weeks was Our Jac.

Music was one of his greatest loves and he expressed himself through the chorus, rhythms and beats. 

He knew how to capture a room, often behind a Karaoke mic and bringing a smile to everyone’s face through his appetite for music and entertaining. 

He loved music especially by Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Van Morrison, David Bowie, the Doors and the Stereophonics .

Jac was a talented footballer, played for Saron Juniors, Penlan, Llangefelach Swansea City Academy and Ammanford Town. 

It didn’t take him long before he lit up the football pitch with his skills, but most of all lit up the dressing room with his banter.

Jac was also an accomplished Ski-ier. That skill together with his caring nature saw us safely out of many tricky situations on the ski slopes.

Jac’s most special attribute was his warmth. He had a big heart and a big smile.  He lit up the room and was always life and soul of any party.  Very often, unintentionally he would steal the show.  He provided us all with a lot of laughs and tears – he was loved by us all…. and will be missed by all who knew him. 

Our Jac

Jac was also part of an even bigger family through the club, the club gave Jac the chance to flourish and to shine, giving him the social platform to stamp his own unique character on a wider audience. And boy didn’t he do just that.

He became the heartbeat and pulse of our club, stamping his personality on everyone, no matter how old or what gender Jac would engage with everybody, and always with a kiss and hug.